We have hosted many STEAM workshops over the last few years, but below are some photos from some of our favorite events! With your support, we can reach thousands of students - consider donating!


hands-on STEM Workshops (November 2022)

STEM Workshop held in Portland, Oregon

school SUPPLY fundraiser & DROP! (August 2022)

hands-on STEM Workshops (June 2022)

Coding & Engineering

Conducted one-on-one micro:bit programming lessons and foil boat engineering lab.

Science & Art

With a grant from Foldscope technologies, we ran hands-on microscopy lessons along with art projects.

Winter STEM Workshop series [virtual] (january 2022)

S3 STEM's Winter Workshops were a major success! Below are some highlights of the event.

SCIENCE: Students conducted an experiment where they created a Lava Lamp! They learned about molecular bonds and other chemistry topics.

TECH: Students learn the basics of programming with art and drawing! We taught using JavaScript, and students created two programs!

ENGINEERING: Students engaged in computer-aided-design and created a fun project in TinkerCAD!

MATH: Students learned about important surface area concepts with a fun paper project!

ZweleTHEmba HS [worcester, South africa] (2021)

We partnered with Zwelethemba High School in May of 2021 to help kickstart their STEM club and provide resources. At the first meetings, our team members (Rishab, Yash, Hrishi, Asher) gave interactive lessons to students to excite a learning for STEM. Our team then worked on creating a full coding curriculum to teach the basics of Python to these students. Upon creating this curriculum in July of 2021, we gave a Python coding workshop. One of the lessons from our coding curriculum is narrated by Hrishi and is now publicly available on YouTube. Later in October of 2021, our team members briefly worked on providing a robotics curriculum.

S3 STEM Day [Virtual] (February 2021)

S3 STEM Day 2021 was our first annual event where we invite speakers to teach students across the world. In 2021, we had 150+ attendees from countries across the globe. Notable moments include Dr. Ravi Balasubramanian's talk about computational neuroscience, and 100+ students achieving the advanced 3D Modeling distinction using CAD software.

SCIENCE: students learned about the properties of water in a fun, engaging lab project!

TECH: students learned about AI. Aditya Jain, AI Researcher (Boston University) gave a lecture about A.I.

CODING: students learned about coding principles in processingJS

ENGINEERING: students learned about CAD modeling in Tinkercad. They modeled a 3D snowman!

ROBOTICS: Ph.D. in Robotics, Dr. Ravi Balasubramanian talked about computational neuroscience and inspired kids to explore a career in STEM!

MATH: Students learned about math concepts and expanded them to real-world scenarios.

Coding workshop series (november 2020)

Students engaged in four hands-on coding workshops. They learnt about ProcessingJS and the fundamentals in computer science.

STEAM Workshop series 1 (Summer 2019)

Science Workshop

Technology Workshop

Engineering Workshop

Art Workshop

Math Workshop

The Summer of STEAM Workshop series was aimed at building curiosity in youth. Supported by a generous grant from Foldscope Instruments, students learned about science (cells & microscopy), technology (electric circuits, computers), engineering (physics, mechanical stress), art (spin art), and math (algorithms, probability)

Artificial-intelligence workshops

In August of 2020, Samyak Science Society partnered with Simply Neuroscience to give a workshop covering artificial intelligence, its relationship to neuroscience, and how youth can get involved with this important, growing area through the Samyak Science Society principle of "experimental learning." Over 600 students attended from across the world, including Africa, Asia, and South America!


TEDxGateway 2020

Rishab Jain was invited to TEDxGateway 2020 to talk about his inventions, STEAM education, AI, and the importance of curiosity in innovation.

IBM & mindSpark

Aditya Jain was invited to speak about S3's "experimental learning" philosophy and how educators could incorporate it into their classroom.


Simply Neurocon

Samyak Science Society partnered with Simply Neuroscience to give a workshop covering artificial intelligence, its relationship to neuroscience, and how youth can get involved with this important, growing area through the SSS principle of "experimental learning." 

40+ videos | Rishab Jain YouTube Channel has 8.2M+ impressions

Educational Videos

Due to COVID-19, the Samyak Science Society created educational YouTube videos on science topics, including COVID-19 vaccines, biology concepts and many more. These can be used by youth at home to supplement their education.

Homeless Shelter Clothing Drive (2022)

Samyak Science Society partnered with Welfare Support Foundation (WSF) to donate over 110 pounds of clothing to the Burnside Homeless Shelter.

We aim to continue this event in partnership with WSF every Winter.

Here are some of the places the Samyak Science Society has been mentioned in the news!